Your Resume Partners


“Etta Barmann transformed my lackluster resume and turned it into a professional and sophisticated document. In a time of stress, she gave me the support I needed.”

-Rachel Montana
“Etta really helped me present my experience thematically and focus on what fields were most in need of my skills. Even though she had a lot of clients, she treated me like I was the only one.”

-Sean O’Loghlin
“Etta is the best and is so patient! I used her services and was very satisfied with her and her staff. I highly recommend her. I got the job I wanted, and as I have climbed in my career she has assisted me in keeping my resume updated and at my fingertips as I need it.”

-Tracy M.
“Prior to hiring Etta, my resume had not been updated in over 6 years. During this time I experienced significant career growth and hit major milestones. Thinking about how to articulate my skillset in a concise, engaging fashion seemed overwhelming to me. She did a wonderful job crafting my resume and cover letter and was very easy to work with. Turnaround time was quick and pricing was competitive.”

-Sha M.
“I recently had Etta Barmann create a new resume for me as I’m hoping to look for a different position in the very near future. She was extremely helpful in getting me to clearly identify my skills, the metrics that I had achieved, and other points that show me in the best light possible. I enjoyed every part of working with her, and am excited to get this resume to new employers and to see the results that I get with it. I am confident that her approach will lead to a successful job search for me.”

-L. Finkle
“Great place to get your resume professionally polished. My resume got a total overhaul, and it looks awesome. Thanks Etta.”

-Walter T.
“Etta was wonderful to work with. I am a career changer applying to a graduate school program in an unrelated field who has not updated my resume in years. Etta was able to extract traits from my resume that would align with my new chosen profession and make them the focus of my resume. She also helped me edit and streamline my personal statement and gave some advice on recommendation letters. I would definitely recommend her to anyone needing help with a resume or personal statement. She made the process very easy!”

-Leigh Rod
“When I arrived to meet Etta I wasn't sure that my resume really needed any changes. But Etta pinpointed some details in my work experience that were too vague and were hurting my chances. She felt my resume needed to become more clear about what my skills can offer. I was unsure because I'm transitioning into a different career. Etta helped enhance my prior experience, describing it as a welcome asset to any employer. Shortly after I submitted my new resume, I have been getting calls for interviews. Thanks, Etta!”

-Christie Taylor